Thursday, March 20, 2014

Nuance still Undervalued?

Nuance Communications (NUAN) is still one of my all time favorite companies that may still be undervalued. Over the past 3 months shares have traded up over 16% gains. Unfortunately with last earnings report not being the most pleasing to institutional investors I have been under the impression that it's not as much as investors selling there positions as much as they are shorting it for the time being as the company continues to work on modifying its involvements in the several different markets that it has currently involved itself. With regards to its most widely known products related to speech recognizational programming there is no question this company could see significant growth in the coming years ahead. Unfortunately this technology has not transpired like I assume many thought it would over the past 2 years, however the next 5 in my opinion look tremendously revolutionizing. For all you young investors whom are looking for a tech stock that could see more upside both short and long you better add this company to your watch list. Voice yourcomments  and thoughts below - happy trading 

Photo is a print screen from StockTouch app, a wonderful free app I highly recommend you downloading via the App Store. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

GoDaddy may IPO in 2014?

 GoDaddy also know as is a privately held company that is focused on a vary popular business model of which is related to domain registrars, and web hosting all around the world, and is estimated to have more than 12 Million Customers Worldwide related to the Web Hosting Side of the business, and an estimated 57 Million Domain Names.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Rite Aid Continues to Climb!

Rite Aid (NYSE:RAD) had wonderful year of trading in 2013, and is currently on the way to have a great 2014 year as well. Shares continue to climb not only on their unique partnership with GNC, but also on news of CVS pulling ciggerattes from the shelves of which could boost sales in Rite Aid stores around the USA. As I have been a huge lover of shares since trading back in the Dollar Range it is hard for me to say now is the time to get in considering shares have 4 times since than. Happy Trading 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ways to Save!

One great way to save in the new world that we live in today is obviously not to have credit cards which carry statements because at the end of the day you will be paying intrest on those cards and as a result be throwing away money. However I have to admit I am not against using certain credit cards daily to rack up points, than in return pay yourself back. Now you may be sitting there scratching your head but keep reading and I will explain why. 

Okay we all have bills, bills that we can pay in full, and ones we cannot. Ones that we can obviously are ones like Mortgage, Car Payment, Car insurance, cell phone, electric bill, gas, groceries just to name a few. These are bills that no matter what I know I have the money to pay for in full, meaning that at the end of the day the money is in my account available to pay when the bill is due obviously. So back to the credit card idea what I do is I pay all my bills via my credit card of which is directly connected to my bank account of which allows for me to than transfer the money from my checking account and than right to the card. Meaning that at the end of my credit card statement there is never a balance and as a result me never actually throwing away money. Anyways depending on your card points options the points can add up really fast when you take this approach. 

Here's how 


Cell phone bill $100.00 - 100pts
Gas charges - $200.00 - 200pts
Mortgage - $1200.00 - 1200pts
Groceries - $400.00 - 400pts 
Car Payment - $200.00 - 200pt 
Car insurance - $100.00 - 100pts

So in 1 month total charges account for 2200pts x 12 months = 26,400pts 
No for most cards you can use 2500 pts for $25.00 gift cards to places to eat or my favorite gas. Meaning for the 26,400pts in a year you could get yourself just over 10 gas cards at $25.00 a peice or $250.00 in total gift card payouts. 

Sounds good right ? 

Well here is the best part , all cards are different some give out 2pts per dollar spent on certain items like gas, and groceries, other give up 3 or even 5 pts per dollar on select items. Let's not forget some other great cards give out those points plus bonus points per each charge like 10 pts per transaction. See another example below 


Card pays 10pts per transaction , 5 pts per dollar on Gas , 3 pts on Groceries, 2 pts per dollar on clothing, and 1pt per dollar on everything else. 

Cell phone bill $100.00 - 100pts
Gas charges - $200.00 - 200pts = 1000pts on 4 transactions
Mortgage - $1200.00 - 1200pts
Groceries - $400.00 - 400pts = 1200pts on 2 transactions 
Car Payment - $200.00 - 200pt 
Car insurance - $100.00 - 100pts

10 pts per transaction time 10 charges a month = 100pts

Grand total per month in pts grows to a unbelievable 3900pts per month times a year = 46,800 pts or just under 19 cards at 2500pts a peice or an astonishing $450 in gift cards all by using your credit cards monthly and of course paying them in full.... Wow can you imagine how many points a married couple could get in a years time.... And if you charged everything all the time but always paid cards in full, your talking about a pretty big chunk of change. 

Comments are subject to change and may not be 100% accurate as I just pumped out the numbers via my cellphone as I typed this up quick before a good nights rest have fun saving 

Monday, March 10, 2014

The Green Millionaire!

Looking for an interesting, easy read book to help guide you on practical ways to save and achieve wealth by in return helping save the planet? 

Definitely a interesting book to read. Tips are practical and are straightforward. Book is written by Nigel J Williams. 

Easy Ways to Save!

You need a cell phone right? You need that new Android or that new IPhone right? Maybe, maybe not. 

Obviously this is going to depend on your situation and your job tittle. However many do not realize that cell phones alone can cost a large penny. 

For instance my old phone plan used to run me about $110.00 a month for unlimited text, and minutes but with a pathetic 2 gb of data. After paying a bill like this for a year I realized there must of been a better way to keep the same plan but get a better price. 

The first thing I did was I called the company directly and asked them if there was a discount from my employer for using there services, sure thing there was but it was nothing special only 15% off my data plan which ran me around $40.00 a month. 

Than I asked them how much it would cost if I added a friend to my plan. Sure enough they told me that my bill would jump from $110.00 a month to $150.00 for all the same services but a 4gb of shared data. With the fact that both I and my friend never actually used 2gb of data a month we decided to upgrade to the 3gb plan which took the bill down to $140.00 a month. With my employee discount at 15% off data this brought the bill down to $129.50, and now because there was two phones on the account we both decided to split the bill evenly. This than brought my money phone bill down to $64.75. Meaning that in 1 years time my original phone bill of $110.00 was actually costing me $45.25 less a month or $543.00 less a year. 

Maybe this year I'll add another close friend to my account. 

Easy ways to Save!

As many Americans out there may say, it is becoming more and more difficult to save money. 

Although this may be true many do not realize that they are spending more and more money on unessary things. Another great way that people can save is if you are a coffee drinker, rather you go out and buy a coffee every morning at around $2.00 per a large cup or $5.00 for higher grade  X 5 days in a work week , your combined spending on coffee alone is $530.00 - $1325.00 a year. 

Now instead let's say you woke up an extra 10 minutes earlier in the morning and potted your own coffee of which would cost you between $6.90 - $11.99 per pound, you could get yourself about 82 cups at 9 oz cup size. Now let's say you like 2 cups of coffee a day or 16oz worth you could make 5 cups of coffee a week per 1 pound bag. Meaning your out of cost pocket a week would be $6.90 - $11.99 a week X 53 weeks in a year or $365.70 - $635.47. Which is still a pretty decent savings right? Well let's say you bought 5 lb coffee bags instead which would cost you around $35.65 - $55.00, your total savings could be between $25.00 and $45.00 higher. That's easy money that could be thrown away into a savings account do the math =]

Prices are estimated and my not be 100% accurate.